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Current Project

Moh is now working on a self-initiated project titled: Reimagine Nima where he plans to use art to bring live into the slum community and also change the perception people have about the residents who live there. Moh has also I dedicated his time to teaching and mentoring kids from deprived communities through art.


His hard work and dedication towards his art has also won him several awards over the years. He has also been featured in a number of news reports such as:
Politics and Power Magazine (2018)
Aljazeera (2016)
Mesh Creative (2016)
Accra Dot Alt Radio (2016)
Atlanticoonline (2019)
BBC (2016)
as well as local print media such as Graphic Showbiz, Mirror, among others.

Other Works: AMA Ghana, IOM Int, Atlantico Online, WhyAllaNews,, UNISA, TheArcMinute, AfricaNews, BBC, NorthWaveLand